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Wekasuwa Startup: Redefining eCommerce Experiences for SMBs in Nigeria


Wekasuwa is a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace dedicated to small and medium businesses in Nigeria. The founder envisioned maximizing digitization in the country and driving possible economic growth via Yo!Kart-powered eCommerce platform. Let’s delve into their journey and gain insights from their interview with us. 

Q1. What was your vision behind launching an eCommerce business?

Our vision revolved around bridging the gap between small businesses and buyers, providing value-added services, and helping businesses easily showcase their goods online. We aspired to equip every business with the right set of tools such as flexible payment methods, multiple delivery methods, and separate vendor dashboards to ensure a hassle-free online presence.   

Q2. Did your expectations of starting your eCommerce platform align with Yo!Kart?

We had huge needs but were very tight on budget. After performing thorough research for a long time on ideal and affordable multi-vendor marketplace software, we came across Yo!Kart. We were expecting flexible payment gateway choices, multiple revenue generation streams, and efficient shipping management, and luckily, Yo!Kart covered all the bases. It was easily affordable for us and helped us launch Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the market. There were separate dashboards for different marketplace users and we only had to review the needs for any UI/UX changes. 

Watch the video to learn what our client has to say about their entire journey of getting their eCommerce marketplace built with Yo!Kart.

Q3. What are your thoughts on recommending Yo!Kart to startups?

After coming across Yo!Kart, we were sure that it could help us ensure every seller could digitize their physical business into an online space. It is a great fit for startups as it can serve any industry catering to multiple needs and is easily tailored to one’s changing requirements. The support team is very helpful. The product uploading process can be enhanced for good. Yo!Kart’s security features are great and adding more could be a plus for them. Overall, we think Yo!Kart is a great choice for startups looking to tap into any eCommerce niche, thanks to its flexibility and robust features

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