Multi Vendor Shopping Cart, India

Multi Seller Shopping Cart

Multi Seller Shopping Cart is the best choice if you want online marketplace just like Ebay, or any other Ecommerce websites where different sellers add the different products in shared marketplace.


• Single Website For Multiple Sellers
Products added by multiple sellers are visible to all your shoppers in the single product catalog i.e. your shoppers will get the same user experience even if the products are uploaded by hundreds of sellers.

• Products From Multiple Vendor In Single Seller
Products from different sellers can be added in the cart in a single order and shopper will only have to pay once for the entire order.

• Unlimited Seller Accounts
There is no limit in the number of sellers that can be added in your store. It can start from two to two hundred. The number of accounts is unlimited so you can enhance your business without any constraints.

• Separate Settings For Each Seller
Each seller is having separate account settings and admin panel, in which they can manage their products, orders and settings. In this way vendors do not interfere with some other seller’s account.

• Payment Processing Is Common
All the order payments are received by super admin of the store. Super admin will then manually distribute the money among different sellers according to the order purchased, which is tracked separately for each seller.

• Control Of Super Admin Over The Store
Super Admin is having the complete control over the store; all the store settings and products sold by different sellers are controlled by super admin. They can completely control the entire product list and if required we can provide option to super admin to approve all the products added by sellers before showing them on the website.

• Different Shipping Methods
Each seller can configure the shipping methods in their own account and sellers whose order contains products from several sellers select seller specific shipping options at checkout.