Best of payment methods solutions from all around the world.

Buy your Kart provides integration with leading payment solutions in the market.

Available Payment Methods:


E-Wallet is a secure way to make payment; it also provides the advantage to shoppers of getting the reward and cash back points. This feature is extremely secured for all transactions.

Credit Cards & Paypal:

Buy your Kart meets all necessary security requirements of PCI standard, allowing customers to pay via Master Card, VISA etc.

Paypal is most frequently used payment platform & it is used in many of the famous services like Uber, Airbnb. With a single click you can turn on and start getting the payments through both Paypal and major credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover all these are supported with anti fraud features. And offering Paypal can increase your company sales.

Bank Transfer:

It offers the functionality of paying directly via their bank account & almost all the banks are supported by this & it is one of the most widely used method of payment. It is very safe and easy to use

Flexible Tax Management:

Complex and location based taxes can be handled in this. You can define different shipping and billing address based taxes and edit and manage them in the way you want.

Commission Settings:

By using buy your kart admin can define different commission settings for vendors, different categories and products. Additional commission details settings are available in our product and admin can see the related statistics on the dashboard.

Refund Management:

In case of refund initiated by any customer, this product is good enough to handle the withdrawal request and proceed with the refund process.