Yo!Kart eCommerce Marketplace

Version 10

New Features & Enhancements


Ever since the launch of YoKart v9.3, we have been actively listening to our customers and keeping an eye on the industry trends. In this release, you will find new features, improvements and enhancements in existing features and bug fixes. In this video, we will look at recent modifications briefly. We believe that the new v10 will enable entrepreneurs to start their ecommerce business and accelerate its growth to reach new heights.

Familiarize yourself with the newly added features of Yo!Kart
  • The admin can use the Getting Started feature to instantly set up business information and quickly start the store. Begin with a step by step set of instructions and go through each tab to enter following information including business profile, logo library, website commission, email configuration, payment methods, sales tax plugins, shipping services plugins, social login and add a product.
  • Data migration services have been set up to help both admin and sellers to easily transfer data from their existing Shopify store.
  • There are certain issues that prevent product catalog from being displayed at the frontend. With the Product Missing Info feature, an admin can easily spot what is missing and add the same. Once you click on the Product Missing Info icon, you will see a list where the number of fields will appear under the header Valid in ‘Red’ color. Once fields are adjusted, values under the valid column are marked with Green color and the difficulties with product display immediately disappears.
  • Additional Shipping APIs such as ShipRocket, EasyPost and ShipEngine are introduced for admin. This helps to automate shipping tasks like verifying addresses, tracking and shipments, sending status messages, managing returns and so forth. Similarly, Sellers too have a provision to either configure respective shipping APIs or add their shipping rates manually.
  • There is Help Content provided on every page for the admin user to understand what the page is about. On each page you can find ‘page title’, ‘page summary’, ‘warning message’, ‘recommendations’ and other ‘help text’ relevant to the page.
  • For Digital Products, ‘Attach with existing orders‘ option is provided to sellers to share a new version or additional supporting files to the ‘delivered’ orders. This not only facilitates new buyers to download latest files but also helps existing buyers to access files at no additional cost.
  • To draw attention to the certain products on the frontend, the following types of promotion activities are introduced:
    • Ribbons are ‘Rectangle’ shaped in the form of labels with ‘Text’ written. Once created by admin, they are displayed on product listing pages, seller shop listing pages and wherever the image of the product is displayed. The position is fixed and displayed on the top right corner of the product image.
    • Badges are ‘Virtual Stickers’ in the form of ‘Images’. Automatic and Manual are the two types of badges. Where the former is awarded as per the rules admin user configure, keeping in mind the seller’s activities. The latter is created manually, specifically for each seller and can either be open or require approval from admin to add.
  • Rating and review criteria have been set up so that buyers can rate the product and leave reviews, once purchased. Buyers can submit ratings and reviews on the basis of product quality, shop experience, delivery and specific product categories. The rating types can be modified or added by an Admin.
  • For insights into different areas of your business performance, an advanced reporting section is added. This helps to collect data regarding business performance so that well-informed decisions can be made. Reports include sales reports, users reports, financial reports, subscription reports, and discount coupons.
  • To help the admin keep track of product inventories added by sellers, a separate sub-module ‘Shipped Products’ has been created under the ShippingPickup module. Here, you can also track sellers who have opted to handle the shipping process.
  • A one page ‘Add A Product’ form layout is designed for both admin and seller users. This improves user experience and helps to record each detail without missing out on important information about the product.
  • Login using phone number option is provided to buyers. It eliminates the hassle of filling lengthy registration forms and allows users to quickly log in or register using their phone numbers.

As part of our commitment to deliver continuous product improvements and innovation, we have made enhancements in user interface and experience. We are glad to bring to you the following enhancements:

  • Notifications are actionable directly from the ‘notification’ area.
  • Change the website theme as per your branding and preview before finalizing.
  • Ability to save all blog posts in draft until you are ready to publish them
  • There is a Sorting icon provided beside each column’s header on pages where the list is lengthy such as on product catalog page, seller’s product inventory. Once you click on this icon, the list will sort either in ascending or descending order.
  • Configure which items can appear in the navigation at the frontend for both the header and footer. Admin can also manage the display order of each item listed under navigation.
  • Mollie, PayFast, YoCo, QNB and other similar payment gateways are pre-integrated to make payment processing effective, secure and hassle free for buyers.
  • For Digital Products, a generate link preview option is available for buyers so that they can see what’s actually behind that product link before they make a purchase.

Version 9.3.0

New Features

ShipStation Shipping API (Enhanced)
  • Fetch live rates from shipping carriers configured
  • Create shipping labels & generate tracking numbers for orders from shipping carriers configured
  • Create shipping orders from shipping carriers configured
AfterShip Tracking API
  • Track orders with shipping orders created outside ShipStation API. Admin will have to add tracking number manually and share tracking url.
  • Admin can map ShipStation carriers to AfterShip carriers, in order to track shipping orders generated via ShipStation.
  • If ShipStation API is not enabled then admin can add tracking numbers along with shipping carrier to track shipments.
Stripe Connect
  • API automatically creates customers at stripe account along with saving their cards. Cards for a user can be managed from the Saved card section on the buyer dashboard.
  • API will split the charged order amount in real time between multiple sellers and admin.
  • API will refund the amount to the buyer and create reverse charges for sellers & admin.
  • Wallet will be unavailable when using stripe connect but all transaction logs will be maintained in the wallet.
  • If discount coupons or reward points are used then the system will generate a new transaction from the admin’s account to credit sellers in equal proportions. These transactions will be reversed in case of a refund/cancellation in addition to the original order transaction.
Tax Jar API (https://www.taxjar.com/)
  • Real time tax rates are fetched based on categories imported and assigned to products.
  • Nexus are not handled in the API and shall be a SDNEL customization for clients.
Avalara API
  • Real time tax rates are fetched based on categories imported and assigned to products.
  • Nexus are not handled in the API and shall be a SDNEL customization for clients.
Location services
  • Manageable Geo-Location setting for the admin to turn on/off this setting.
  • Admin can set the product listing & search on the platform based on the following
    • List/Search products by delivery address
    • List/Search products by radius in kilometers
    • List/Search products based on pickup/current location
  • Products that are not available for a location will have a tag displaying “Not available for your location”. Add to cart functionality will not be available for products that are not available at a location.
  • Admin can define their fulfillment method (Ship only, pickup only, both) in the settings module.
  • Seller can define their fulfillment method (Ship only, pickup only, both) in the settings module.
  • Admin/Seller can define multiple pickup addresses and time slots
Invoicing Module
  • New seller tax invoice module with manageable
    • Invoice number
    • Management to display tax categories on the invoice
    • Management to add mandatory government information on invoices
New checkout module
  • New cart page for buyer to select fulfillment method between ‘Ship’ & ‘Pickup’
  • Buyers can also add items to the ‘Save for later’ list. These items will always stay in cart and will be available for checkout. Buyer will have to be a registered user to use this functionality.
  • System shall show errors/warnings on products based on their fulfillment method. Buyer can resolve these warnings or continue the checkout process.
  • All payment gateways that do not require a redirection are now accessed in the checkout module rather than navigating to a new page.
  • New order confirmation page with order details.
New Payment Gateways & Methods
  • EBS
  • mPesa
  • PayNow
  • DPO
  • PayStack
  • Pay at Store – Used when order is selected as pick-up


Performance & Security Updates
  • S3 bucket compatibility
  • CDN compatibility
  • Security Headers for clickjacking, XSS and MIME types.
  • SQL query optimization
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility
Shipping Module Enhancements
  • Admin can define shipping packages. These packages will be linked at the product level.
  • Admin/Seller can define Order level, item level shipping or a combination of both for products.
    • Order level shipping will be defined in the system by default and all products shall belong to this profile
    • Item level profiles can be created by adding products to the profile. Any product can below to one such profile at any point of time.
    • Seller/Admin can define profiles under which zones are created. These zones are created based on location (Country & State). Multiple rates can be defined for each zone.
    • Rates can also have conditions set on 'order/item weight' & 'order/item price' ranges.
Tax Module Enhancements
  • New enhanced tax module that can support single vs combined tax structures.
  • Taxes can be defined based on locations.
  • Seller cannot edit tax but can view tax profiles/rates in the tax category section on the dashboard and add new product form.
UI/UX Related Enhancements
  • Manageability to use a mega menu or a hamburger menu on the navigation section in the homepage.
  • Manageability between left & top display for search/listing filters
  • Sellers are by default redirected to the inventory management page when clicking on the products menu in the dashboard.
  • Admin catalog & seller products have been split between two separate tabs
Advanced Search module
  • Manageable setting to choose between regular or advance search module
  • Advance search module will display the following
    • Related products with the associated categories
    • Related brands according to the search string
    • Related categories according to the search string
    • Search history
  • System will redirect to the brand page if the search string matches a brand.
Homepage collection management module
  • Enhanced homepage collection management with sorting. Collection layouts are
    • Product collection – 3 layouts
    • Category collection – 2 layouts
    • Shop collection – 1 layout
    • Brand collection– 1 layout
    • Blog collection – 1 layout
    • Banner collection – 3 layouts
    • Sponsored shops – 1 layout
    • Sponsored products – 1 layout
    • Sponsored shops – 1 layout
    • FAQ collection – 1 layout
    • Testimonial collection – 1 layout
  • Added sorting of items within a collection
Seller request module
  • New module that lists status for
    • Requested brand
    • Requested category
    • Requested products
SEO Enhancements
  • New module for Image alt tags
  • Schema code management
  • Upgraded URL rewriting with canonical & 301 redirects
  • Added Google Webmaster
  • Added Bing Webmaster
  • URL rewriting based on language
General Enhancements
  • Added PayPal payment gateway to support pay by PayPal account or card
  • Updated Stripe payment gateway for 2 factor authentications to support EU countries
  • Seller/Admin can add Category from the product form
  • Seller/Admin can add brand from the product form
  • Setting to append language code to slug
  • Fixed product without option and adding option with inventory
  • Hot Jar integration
  • Setting to manage product price is inclusive or exclusive of tax
  • Import export sheet updates
  • Enhanced the discount module to be linked with brands and sellers
  • Removed Authorize.net payment gateway as it is deprecated.


UI Fixes
  • Fixed google feeds categories scroll bar.
  • Fixed FAQ default category active class issue on the front end.
  • Fixed white button color on some pages
  • Fixed graph in RTL mode for seller dashboard.
Functional Updates & Code Fixes
  • Fixed Custom URL for shop collections
  • Fixed stats on the buyer dashboard for pending and total orders
  • Improved case sensitiveness for product type identifier as it was not accepting the same while importing catalog.
  • Fixed Order is marked delivered automatically by the system based on cancellation and return age of product/shop.
  • Fixed product temp images import.
  • Fixed Export content encoding issue with Excel.
  • Fixed JSON error on COD order when admin tries to complete that order.
  • Fixed transaction ID listing after adding money to wallet using stripe
  • Improved display for product details such as seller name and variant on special price and other such pages
  • Fixed display for "Buy together" products under promotions, items do not appear on the list after creating them if no brand is assigned to the product.
  • Removed add money to wallet using the cod option
  • Added OG tags for the Homepage
  • Fixed if admin edits any subscription package then updates are not applicable for ongoing purchased packages.

Version 9.2.0


  • Option to select between Wishlist/favorite management in system settings for Admin
  • A new setting to choose whether the discount should be applied before or after-tax evaluations.
  • Added consolidated/single tax setting in the system.
  • Redesigned “Buy Together” products module to enhance the user experience
  • Single master setting to manage header and footer for email templates.
  • Added ‘Send Test Email’ button on email templates for admin to easily view changes
  • Search filters data now loaded via ajax call, improving overall performance


Multilingual functionality:
  • MSN language API integrated for automatic detection and real-time text translation in mobile, desktop and web applications. It supports more than 60 languages.
Progressive Web Apps (PWA) compliance
  • PWA compliance improves user experience, reduces loading time and allows offline browsing on the current page.
Facebook Pixel integration

Added Facebook Pixel code in third-party API settings to track and configure the following events in the system:

  • Add To Cart
  • Add To WishList
  • Contact Us
  • Customize Product
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase
  • search
  • ViewContent
  • Newsletter Subscription
For the Multicurrency module:

Integrated Fixer API plugin to fetch real-time currency values from live APIs. Up to 1000 requests/month for currency conversion are free beyond which a subscription plan is required.

For Google feeds API:

Integrated Google shopping feed within the product catalog to easily manage your ad campaign.

For Paypal Payout:

Sellers can request payouts via PayPal accounts. Admin can approve the requests to pay via PayPal. Up to 5000 payments at once!

Abandoned Cart option:
  • Admin can view ‘Abandoned Cart’ option under ‘Orders’ in the admin console
  • Admin can view items in-cart that have been abandoned by users
  • Admin can view items that have been deleted from the cart by users
  • Admin can generate and share discount coupon notifications
  • Admin can view reports for the above information


UI Fixes
  • Displayed order id as invoice number for subscription orders.
  • Added space in bottom for dashboard pages.
  • Fixed User default image that was previously blurred.
  • Fixed Safari Browser layout issue.
  • Added shop name when viewing the shop report listing.
  • Fixed Innova editor full-width issue
  • Hide the “save search” button if no record found after applying filters on the shop page product search.
  • Changed the “no record found” design for product search listing on the shop or global search.
  • Updated action buttons to icons in the admin console
  • Fixed Buyer dashboard hamburger icon is clicked to expand sidebar then widgets are overlapping screen and scroll are not working.
  • Fixed display for “Add review” button as it should not be displayed on the product detail page if that item is not bought by logged in user.
Functional Updates and Code Fixes
  • Reordered email notifications for orders and cancellations
  • Added shipping information in the vendor order email.
  • Fixed the Email Received while change email request sent through Seller APP
  • Fixed social account login if the email was not updated in DB
  • Fixed error in an email when the user places a bank withdrawal request.
  • Fixed error on the withdrawing amount from affiliate account using bank pay option
  • Fixed multiple requests that are placed from my credits section. Added a limit on the wallet amount.
  • Allowed uppercase file extensions in media upload.
  • Updated new labels for IOS APP.
  • Fixed same product to be added as add-on product on the product detail page
  • Fixed deleted categories that were displaying in the home page category collections
  • Added missing labels for front end via Admin
  • Fixed multiple reporting of the same shop by the same user.
  • Fixed display for RTL supported languages.
  • Removed return option on digital products.
  • Fixed entry for zero when adding inventory.
  • Fixed shop collection page filters issue.
  • Fixed email for the seller on COD orders.
  • While adding vol discount minimum quantity should be greater than the minimum quantity to buy.
  • Restricted keyword searches up to 80 characters.
  • Fixed price range slider to validate min/max price.

Version 9.1.1

New Features

  • Includes bug fixes,
  • Responsive demo views
  • Updated iOS app labels

*Please note that your clients need to be on the V 9.1.1 web version in order to have both iOS and Android apps.

Version 9.1.0

New Features

  • Added a Google Tag Manager (GTM) Script section in Admin Console under General Settings in SEO option. Making it easier for you to manage and deploy marketing tags on your website (or mobile app) with GTM tool
  • Updated with a new text field for adding Robots.txt file content in the Admin console under General Settings in SEO option. For a better website crawling
  • A new app mid banner is created under the banners section in Admin (For mobile apps)
  • Collection Image management feature is added for Mobile Application in admin. With which, Admin can choose to display products or banner for mobile app (only)
  • Now Sellers can add social profile links to their shop page
  • Quick books integration (Alpha build) is done to simplify tasks like managing inventory, tracking time, running analytics and others


Performance Updates
  • System now supports 500,000 products with 200 concurrent users with a load speed of under 5 secs
  • Application labels are fetched from JSON file
  • System images rendering functionality is optimized
  • Products recommendation on product detail page is optimized
  • Now Cache is used on the home page for collections templates
  • Added 304 headers for JS/CSS browser cache
  • Last modified time cache is being used for system Banners and Slides
  • Header top navigation optimization is done via cache
Common API Functions
  • In Mobile apps, API and web are using the same centralized functions within the same file
  • Checkout Process is facilitated to handle within the app
  • RTL & language labels support is added for mobile app
  • Domain links such as shop, product, category & band are handled within app
Sitemap (HTML & XML)
  • Added new ‘Sitemap’ menu item in Admin Console
  • Added ‘lastmod’, ‘changefreq’, ‘priority’ tags to the XML file for better search engine crawling
Special Price & Volume Discount
  • Updated with new menu items on Admin & Seller consoles for Special Price & Volume discount
  • Both have been decoupled from the product inventory option
  • User can now add multiple entries without having to navigate to the product
  • Multi select options is added
  • Entries can be edited in the field itself
Language Labels
  • Language labels type column added (Web & App)
  • App notifications content can be managed from the Admin
  • Made manageable mobile app labels
  • Added ‘Update’ button for mobile and web labels for manual update
General Enhancements
  • Updated application code to handle UTM parameters generated via 3rd party marketing websites
  • Search results and products listing can be sort by 'Most Discounted'
  • Warning notification displayed to user if inventories are added for all product options. User will not be able to clone the product as well.
  • Added Shop, Dashboard, Homepage icons on user dashboards
  • Upgraded the reward points functionality on checkout. Application show how many reward points are applied for the order instead of the balance
  • Replaced the filter reset button with text on the listing pages
  • Added Yo!Kart script ( ) in application code so that websites like BuiltWith can recognize the platform
  • Admin can set users maximum withdraw threshold for wallet
  • Sub-categories on header navigation can be ordered


UI Fixes
  • Cart and Search icon are manageable via Admin theme settings
  • Fixed auto-close on sharing options on product detail page
  • Fixed UI issue for product image on quick view in favorites
  • Fixed user dashboard navigation bar issue
  • Fixed additional addresses should not be in grey so that they don’t look disabled
  • Fixed collection spacing issue on Home Page for Categories
  • Reordered cart Labels
  • RTL upgrades & Fixes
  • Fixed unwanted white space on the product details page, for Recommended Products
  • Fixed date picker while Cloning seller inventory
  • Fixed configure email page layout when user logs in via Facebook account registered with mobile number
  • Fixed products images are display on featured shop page in quick view popup
Functional Updates & Code Fixes
  • Fixed listing of messages on seller dashboard for return requests
  • Fixed JS issues on product detail page
  • Handled invalid request error on Wishlist page
  • Fixed digital downloads JSON error
  • Removed google fonts from text editor (Editor shall be upgraded in the next release)
  • Fixed invalid access error on submitting catalog request from seller for the first time
  • Checkout page & Address page buyer address needs to be selected by default
  • Changed all category/brand page listing to alphabetical
  • Removed phone validations
  • Fixed IP change issues, removed code from the application
  • Fixed messaging functionality in the system where incorrect profile image and messages were displayed on listing page
  • Fixed Import product media issue
  • Fixed retain cart on login
  • Fixed rewards points calculation when discount coupon applied at checkout
  • Fixed affiliate commission history display for admin
  • Restricted display of shipping address in case of digital order product
  • Remove Support Links from Base copy
  • Fixed & aligned search results for keyword search and popular searches
  • Fixed Google sign in for new email account
  • Fixed Ship station API rates output when no rates are fetched from the API
  • Fixed redirection issue when back button is used on browser
  • Fixed default commission value that was not getting updated
  • Fixed search results based on product option filters

Version 9


  • A completely new UI for front-end, shop and dashboard pages
  • New & improved user dashboards for optimized performance as compared to the previous version
  • Full-screen view of the product images
  • Dependency on service and public servers eliminated — media uploads from local machine enabled
  • Referred users listing page now available for affiliate users
  • jQuery version updated to 3.4.1
  • Option to select multiple articles (Delete, Status Changes) for admin, seller, and buyer
  • PHP scripts upgraded to PHP V7.2 (PHP mailer Autoload function deprecated)


Import-Export Module:
  • Introduced ‘Product temp images’ page under the ‘Misc’ section in the Admin Console that updates the status of cron job set for image update during bulk import.
  • Introduced ‘Upload Bulk images’ page under the ‘Misc’ section in the Admin Console allowing the users to add zip file for images that need to be imported via CSV file.
Cart and Wishlist
  • Connectivity in Cart and Wishlist modules allows users to move products from cart to wishlist and vice-versa easily
  • The cart will now display total cart value with items count in the header
Listing Pages
  • Listing pages have been updated and the products are loaded through a permanent link and respective filters via Ajax. This will improve the page load speed and optimize listing pages for search engines.
  • Sort by most discounted’ filter added
  • Added fields for minimum and maximum Cash on Delivery (COD) order limit for sellers.
  • A maximum negative amount on COD allowed for sellers. Defined at a global level as well as seller level for admin.
Performance Optimization
  • Parent category link in the header navigation has been disabled to improve page load speed
  • Restricted empty search to increase page load speed. The search string must be at least 3 characters
User Dashboards
  • Updated the Seller, Buyer, Affiliate and Advertiser dashboard KPIs with better statistics
  • Other General Enhancements
  • Introduced validations handling/messages through a centralized class/repository
  • Option values cannot be deleted from the ‘Options’ group if it is linked with a product in a seller’s inventory
  • All Admin links will now open in a new tab for better usability
  • New ‘Cost Price’ field for products. The cost price will be reflected in the reports where users can view the profits made per product
  • On the product detail page user cannot add ‘qty’ more than available inventory for the product
  • Added a layout template preview for Content pages
  • Removed collections’ ‘primary record field’ and ‘managed collection’ from static defined values
  • Added a filter to refine search listing on the catalog page in the admin console based on user


  • Functional updates & code fixes for heading layout direction in the Seller order view
  • Payfort & Paytm payment gateway issues fixed
  • Updated Authorize.net payment gateway APIs
  • Product Model mandatory option in the Admin console fixed
  • Request new brand’ count will be displayed on the admin sidebar
  • Available date’ checks for products to display on the front end fixed
  • Featured shops & All Shops listing issues fixed
  • Added recently viewed products slider on the product view page
  • Updated the slides banner identifier to be unique
  • A system accepting 'Date From' greater than 'Date To' on discount coupon form issue fixed
  • Fixed Integer and Alphanumeric validation for Phone No. and Zip Code
  • Applied Validation for adding more than 100% volume discount
  • Restriction on entering a negative value in the ‘free shipping on’ field in the manage shop page
  • Fixed Price filter now accepting decimal input
  • Apple touch icon displays correctly now
  • Fixed Aweber code
  • Fixed redirection to the same page after turning on the ‘Shipped by me’ option on the seller dashboard


New Design

Yo!Kart has undergone design overhaul making V8 most competent from the viewpoint of user experience. Seamless design and improved navigation are noteworthy changes in this version. The change can be experienced at all ends- seller, the customer and admin. New frontend and backend design ensures better customer experience as well as easy and better website management.

Product Catalog System

Instead of the sellers creating catalog for their products, admins can use their knowledge and experience to help them. This new feature of Yo!Kart allows the admins to create a product catalog to which sellers can simply attach their price tags. And if there’s a product that sellers want to sell, they can request the admin to include it in the catalog. With this addition to Yo!Kart, customers can also view other sellers selling the similar product in a certain category.


Yo!Kart V-8 allows users to switch to their preferred language on the go. Admin can include as many languages as they want. All you need to do is simply choose the language of your choice and that’s it. The dropdown list of all the languages supported by a marketplace built on Yo!Kart V8 makes choosing the preferred language really easy and hassle free.


The multicurrency feature has also been added to V8 keeping in view varied goals and target market of different businesses. Now you can cater to different set of customers (from different nations) by using the Multicurrency feature of Yo!Kart. Just choose the currencies of your choice and give potential customers the ease to view product price as per their preferred currency. This will not only enable businesses to expand globally but also impact their conversion rate positively.

Improved Product Recommendations

With new recommendation algorithm and better weightage criteria, admins can now recommend products that are more relevant than ever before. This advancement is very useful in improving customer experience. At the same time, it also helps motivate customers to buy more, thus increasing the cart value and increasing revenue.


Cash on Delivery Module

With this addition to the Yo!Kart multivendor eCommerce platform, admin can now offer cash on delivery option. Additional settings were integrated under "General Settings".

Sell Digital Products

Sellers can now offer digital products like PDFs, Software, etc. to buyers using Yo!Kart. The feature comes with advance options such as number of downloads and time durations.

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