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Regake is a global digital products marketplace for video games and related products ― providing a wide-ranging selection of gaming products like game keys, in-game items, gift cards, and more. The robust platform is a trusted marketplace for gaming enthusiasts to buy popular and rare gaming titles intuitively.

According to Statista, the Global Video Game Market is to Reach

$521.6B By 2027

The Project - Evaluating Requirements

The client envisioned a one-stop gaming marketplace that would give gaming enthusiasts a comprehensive digital products ecosystem. A platform that allows users to browse through popular game titles and related products on offer, buy, and download the selected ones.

Game keys and in-game purchases were also to be made through the platform. Moreover, personalized gaming domain-specific features were planned to include purpose-driven specificities in digital product handling, seller operational management, and more.

Deliverables ― A Custom Gaming Marketplace

Leveraging Yo!Kart’s rich-featured digital products ecosystem and encapsulating it with the client’s vision, a cohesive platform was delivered that would serve as a launchpad for a global gaming products marketplace. The marketplace solution was ingrained custom features that would provide sellers the tools to cater to the needs of the buyers, and buyers an engaging buying experience.

Gaming Product Keys Management

The gaming platform has been incorporated with resourceful features to manage gaming product keys. To further streamline the process, sellers get information on the status of the key after each buyer action.

Bulk Digital Orders

Checkout is tailored to suit bulk digital product orders as well. Each product is attached with a distinct authentication key, allowing buyers to buy a product in multiple numbers using a single product download while individual keys ensure unique product identity.

Extensive Reports

Marketplace sellers get extensive analytics support to data-drive their sales. Adding to existing system reports, Regake sellers also get individual transaction profit figures, real-time account balance, and more.

Seller Dashboard

Dedicated seller dashboards allow streamlined storefront management by the sellers. The system includes an enriched panel for sellers to efficiently manage operations for the sale of digital products.

Checkout Focus

To enhance Digital Products conversions, Wallet Payments were highlighted out of the multiple payment methods available in the Yo!Kart digital marketplace solution. The user journey was customized to encourage purchase decisions with the use of wallet payments.

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